The PRISMASCOPE premise: the creative arts are foundational to building a healthy society

PRISMASCOPE is built on the premise that the arts are vital to effectively teaching all subjects. PRISMASCOPE advocates believe the arts are essential, with creativity playing a critical role in realizing one’s potential through character building, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. PRISMASCOPE associates offer a multi-faceted journey of hands-on exploration and discovery through the use of creative writing, drama, object lessons, visual arts, music, and other meaningful learning endeavors.


PRISMASCOPE is a holistic arts education platform. 

Prismascope programs address the holistic human experience via 6 programs:

1. Nurturing CREATIVITY prepares you for the challenges of the world while finding your true purpose
2. Restoring PERSONAL IDENTITY helps build character
3. Understanding NATURAL ORDER gives you a worldly perspective
4. Encouraging EDUCATION insures acquisition of knowledge
5. Fostering CHOICE enables a better understanding of discernment
6. Supporting CHANGE allows you to embrace transformation

Adopting and practicing these six life principles can ultimately lead to an overall sense of ‘wholeness’ (that is a better mental, physical, and emotional well-being), which manifests as greater productivity, more success in resolving life challenges, and more positive relationships.  To promote wholeness and maintain a healthy balance, Prismascope stewards encourage lively interaction between both public and private creative arts departments and all core disciplines.  Indeed, these premises can make major contributions to the health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

PRISMASCOPE respects individual differences and encourages holistic growth of the human society. 

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The PRISMASCOPE premise acknowledges every individual as unique, multi-faceted, and richly endowed with creative potential.  We discourage limitations imposed upon the learning process by philosophic, cultural, or religious bias. We provide innovative programs appropriate for any age group, ethnic tradition, or spiritual persuasion customized for all learning systems to improve the way we cope with the radical demands of this age.

PRISMASCOPE offers the opportunity to develop…
A healthy new perspective!

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