Restore Self-Esteem 

Have you ever wondered what makes you different from everyone else on the planet?  Your own particular personal Identity!  Identity is that which makes you unique and different from every other person in existence.  It is your own core self, the essence of your ‘being-ness’, your ‘character’, your ‘person-ality’, if you will… and the truth is no one has the same core pattern.  

Identity is often referred to as both personality and character, but these two references are distinctly different. Character implies your essential nature and behavioral traits, ie. the uniqueness you were enbued with at conception…  that is, the moment the sperm met the egg that was to become YOU. 

Personality is something a little different than character.  Persona is that part of your character effected by outside influences.  So you might say, the persona covers the character with many layers, giving it a beautiful complexity.  

Essentially, Identity is like our fingerprints. Just like no has the same core pattern, no one has the same set of fingerprints, and no one has the same DNA.  Yes, there are an infinite number of designs we human beings come in.  There is no one like me, and no one like you, anywhere in the universe!  And that is a wonderful fact.

There is also, within each individual, something that also seems to be quite unique: a built-in ‘mindset’ that gives instructions to the organism called YOU.  You might call it the ‘guidance system’.   This mind-set is sort of like the rudder on a boat, which steers the boat on a course through the lifetime of challenges you are bound to encounter.  

Throughout the whole of one’s lifetime there continues to be changes of direction, influencing the process of growth that continues to occur throughout life, making the whole of it quite an adventure!   Your mind tends to function like the boat’s ‘auto-pilot’. 

Nevertheless, the more you know about yourself the better, because knowing your real self helps you make more informed decisions regarding what you want to do with the lifetime you have been given.  In other words, think of yourself as the Captain!  

In the process of helping individuals understand the complex beauty of their Identity, the PrismaScope programs amazingly restore personal self-esteem. 



Two ways to use Prismascope
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Turn-Key Classes of various sizes
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RESTORING SELF-ESTEEM is the defining goal of IDENTITY.

More About Identity…   

“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives.  Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of society alone, but for the development of himself.”                          

-B.R. Ambedkar  

“In terms of an identity, and identity reflects an individuality, by definition.  And, if there is a quality present, it is recognizable and it can be named.”      
-Robert Fripp

The only reason you are not the person you should be is you don’t dare to be.  Once you dare, once you stop drifting with the crowd and face life courageously, life takes on a new significance.          
William Danforth

PRISMASCOPE calls all leaders, counselors, parents, and mentors to draw from their own well of creative potential: to learn, to grow, then go forth boldly and shine!


SHINE your own unique light… OUT into the world !!!


How do I tap into the power of PRISMASCOPE?

We offer 2 easy ways to take advantage of PRISMASCOPE products...

Turn-Key Classes of various sizes

Perfect for companies, schools, community centers or other institutions needing to install an arts or problem solving class series but don’t have a teacher ready to go. We provide an instructor and guest artist to administer the program and all the manuals, curriculum and materials lists required to run various lengths or durations of programs.

Pre-Packaged Curriculum

Perfect for Schools or Teachers looking to install an arts or problem solving class series. We provide the manuals, curriculum and materials lists required to run various lengths or durations of programs.

“Just for today, I will be agreeable. I will look as I can, dress becomingly, talk softly, act courteously, speak ill of no one. Just for today I will not try to improve anybody but myself.”