Benefits of Expanding Your Creative Potential...

wholeness • inspiration • imagination • growth • creativity


Through the lens of PRISMASCOPE we offer our participants the opportunity to explore 6 basic principles relative to common experience which results in balance: that is, good physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  These six facets combined point the way to realizing the single most important aspect of every individual: innate creative potential.

PRISMASCOPE INSPIRES hope, sparks inspiration, and generates the  motivation needed for both instructors and participants to fully embrace these six defining principles wholeheartedly! 

PRISMASCOPE ENABLES wholeness, the most authentic gift one can give back!  Though grounded in the National Content Standards for Arts Education, PrismaScope never loses sight of the goal to insure projects are personally relative. 

PRISMASCOPE IGNITES the imagination!  By presenting a new way of accessing one’s imagination, it offers a flexible framework for both student and educator.   encourages using graphics and dramatizations in its unique object lessons, helping all participants see their world in a new light.  

PRISMASCOPE INTEGRATES all aspects of what defines a human being, providing an inspired method for achieving fulfillment of the wonderful promise lying dormant in every individual. 

PRISMASCOPE NURTURES individuals at all levels of age, skills, and experience, to make this innovative learning tool of memorable and lasting significance.  Through drama, music, hands-on activities, and thought-provoking projects, all are challenged to use their own personal creativity to achieve their objectives. 

PRISMASCOPE calls all leaders, counselors, parents, and mentors to draw from their own well of creative potential: to learn, to grow, then go forth boldly and shine!

SHINE your own unique light… OUT into the world !!!

How do I tap into the power of PrismaScope?

We offer 2 easy ways to take advantage of Prismascope products...

Turn-Key Classes of various sizes

Perfect for companies, schools, community centers or other institutions needing to install an arts or problem solving class series but don’t have a teacher ready to go. We provide an instructor and guest artist to administer the program and all the manuals, curriculum and materials lists required to run various lengths or durations of programs.

Pre-Packaged Curriculum

Perfect for Schools or Teachers looking to install an arts or problem solving class series. We provide the manuals, curriculum and materials lists required to run various lengths or durations of programs.