Creativity is essential in achieving sound personal fulfillment.




PRISMASCOPE is a response to the urgent need for a fresh new approach to learning.

The PRISMASCOPE Platform is simple.
The simplicity of our education platform is what makes it a meaningful and memorable tool for nurturing the inner-most being in individuals of any age, cultural tradition, or spiritual persuasion.  For those in transition, it is an innovative method for establishing the balance and understanding to become a fully-realized individual.


The PRISMASCOPE Platform is adaptable.
Attendees are guided through different audio, visual, and sensory art experiences with respect for the circumstances and specific focus of any particular group.  Instructors have illustrations and charts to enhance the learning experience and use ingenuity to adapt the format to their own class concerns.  PrismaScope can be customized to address a specific subject, individual or group. 

The PRISMASCOPE Platform is flexible.
In order to accommodate age and experience differences of each individual or group, the level of complexity within The PrismaScope Platform can be altered to support the needs of the contracting individual or agency, and used to explore the subtle situational dynamics that inevitably arise.   

The PRISMASCOPE Platform is personally relative.
Achieving wholeness (as outlined by The PrismaScope 6 Guiding Principles & Defining Goals) is all about keeping one’s balance through the inevitable challenges life presents to each individual.  Our platform is designed to encourage the sensitive, shy ‘child within’ and support reaching for personal fulfillment, challenging both instructor and student to use creative means to achieve our common end goal: to awaken each individual’s natural creativity.  

PRISMASCOPE presents the opportunity to embrace education as a holistic life-long learning experience.   

PRISMASCOPE truly is… an adventure in learning!

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With colorful graphics for support, PRISMASCOPE offers full spectrum enlightenment… and a fresh, new perspective that serves as a memorable guide throughout your entire lifetime, to sustain the positive changes achieved by any individual who completes a course on our six guiding principles.     

The PRISMASCOPE Program includes:

1)  PrismaScope: A Portal of Possibility – a full-color concept text, with a glossary of terms, a comprehensive vocabulary, references, & illustrated charts;

2)   Leadership Guidelines – containing easy-to-interpret lesson guides for the instructor, a quiz on each subject, plus alternative project suggestions;

3)   Suppliments Packet – including the PS Life-Style Questionnaire, black & white copies of our major concept illustrations which may be duplicated for classroom use, plus instructor & participant evaluation forms;

4)   The Rainbow Road – a full-color, framable graphic poster illustration of the complete concept,suitable for display.

For more in-depth study, inquire about our companion text: PRISMASCOPE: A Journey of hope.

Individual Project Kits are available, with savings at group rates. 

Educational Video Presentations will be available soon.   

An on-line PRISMASCOPE community is forming for feedback and support.  Be a part of sharing your creative experiences with others.  We welcome any input that can enhance what we have to offer.  I thank you for your interest.  Sign up online to receive updated development briefs.

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We run classes in several schools and state-run institutions, and we can provide you with a premium curriculum and class materials, or provide a turn-key classroom experience complete with materials and an educator. We can also customize a program to fit your specific needs. We look forward to discussing the power of creativity with you!

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